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Pr Denoix


Jean-Marie Denoix is a veterinarian and an associate Professor at the «National Veterinary School of Maisons-Alfort» (France). He is largely recognized by his peers as one of the best horse locomotion experts of the world. Pr. Denoix also manages the «CIRALE» which is a unique organization specialized on the research and the diagnostic of horses’ locomotive disorders.

Since the 80’s, Professor Denoix and his team have been regularly collaborating with the company, Michel Vaillant during specific events, trainings and conventions; such as the KINESIC, first ongoing training program for farriers, specialized in the anatomy of the horse, and in bio mechanical and thrapeutic shoeing

Many products were designed and tested from this partnership. For instance, the educational film, «The Functional Anatomy of the Horse’s Tendon», the «Parabolic» steel shoe, the «JMD» orthopedic aluminum shoes.
Those JMD shoes have been specifically constructed to answer specific equine veterinary needs.

To dispose of an industrial line of therapeutic horse shoes which has been scientifically validated in order to facilitate the prescription by the veterinarian and the implementation by the farrier for an accurate and efficient treatment of the locomotive pathologies.

The orthopedic shoeing concept was introduced after two decades of bio mechanical researching by Professor Denoix. These findings have proven that articular or tendinous forming can be relieved individually by changing the longitudinal andtransversal’sbalanceofthehorse’shoovesspecifically byalteringthemannerofwhichthehoofpenetratessoftand reactive grounds.