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Arthrosis is accompanied by a degeneration of the articular cartilage and painful inflammatory reactions in horses.

They can be due to age, limb defects, working conditions...

Joint pain is responsible for stiffness or varying levels lameness when cold, prior to exercise.

Synovitis provokes swelling of joint synovial sac cul-de-sacs (galls and spavins). Joint crepitus can develop as the conditions reaches maturity.

This pathology is very disabling for sports, racing or leisure horses.

If it is detected and managed very early, it may be possible to delay thedevelopment of cartilage lesions and provide the horse with relief.



Excellent results can be obtained during the acute phase by using the Arthropathix® aluminium kinetherapeutic shoe.

Compromix or PHR Sport Motion shoes are preferable for fetlock arthrosis.

Suspensorix® can also be used but with the bevel being accentuated on the side walls. For limb defects (varus = inward deviation or valgus = outward deviation) or asymmetric overload, Asymétrix® shoes should be used to support the foot on the opposite side to the fetlock joint compression zone.